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Kendall Coyne & Michael Schofield at Magellan!

On July 3rd, professional ice hockey player and Olympic gold medalist Kendall Coyne and Michael Schofield, 2014 Super Bowl champion and current member of the LA Chargers, stopped by the Magellan offices to visit with staff along with family members, and talked about their experience as professional athletes. Kendall spoke about her time on the US Women’s National Team, the 2014 and 2018 U.S. Olympic Teams, and the future of women’s professional ice hockey. She even brought her two Olympic medals (gold and silver) which she happily passed around to everyone. Michael brought along his own “show and tell” (his 2014 Super Bowl ring), spent time talking NFL football and signing jerseys of young fan enthusiasts. The couple stayed for lunch and enjoyed some cake in celebration of their 1st wedding anniversary.