Who We Are

Magellan Corporation is a leading independent global distributor of high quality specialty steels as well as other metallurgical products. It is owned by Seatrade Transport International Inc., which is engaged in water borne commerce, including owning and operating dry bulk cargo ships as well as marine terminals. Established in 1985, Magellan offers the marketplace a wealth of supply chain knowledge and technical expertise. By developing long-term close relationships with world-class steel mills around the globe, Magellan has bridged the gap between its suppliers and customers through reliable and stable product management. Magellan is there when its customers and suppliers need it the most.

Being a responsible corporate citizen is at the core of Magellan's identity. It has a culture of caring for its employees, clients, suppliers, and the community. Sharing its good fortune is a strong corporate tenet. Magellan uses its resources not only to improve its bottom-line but also to better society. It is in business for the benefit of its customers, suppliers, employees, community and, of course, its shareholders.

Its ability to quickly respond and adapt to changing market conditions allows Magellan to effectively service the marketplace. Superior technical expertise is supplemented by stringent quality control. New product development through practical innovation has been one of the keys to Magellan's success. Maintaining adequate inventory through divergent business cycles aides both clients and suppliers.

Our Namesake

The corporation takes its name from Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer who led the first expedition to circumnavigate the globe. While commonly credited with the voyage that proved the Earth is round, Magellan did not live to witness this achievement. He was killed in the Philippines, midway through the voyage, and the three-year journey was completed by a small crew onboard the Victoria, led by Juan Sebastian Elcano of Spain. Magellan Corporation's business approach carries on Ferdinand Magellan’s legacy by discovering new, innovative ways to serve the global marketplace.

Employment & Internship

Magellan Corporation is dedicated to excellence and seeks highly motivated individuals who share its passion. Employees work in a dynamic and stimulating environment, and are rewarded with opportunities to grow and learn during their career in a corporate culture that celebrates success. Magellan prides itself on the familial atmosphere that exists amongst its long-tenured employees.

Trust, equality and open communication are nurtured between individuals of all levels. Employees are encouraged to learn, challenge themselves and develop both professionally and personally. Magellan Corporation is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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Each year, Magellan offers a few qualified university students the opportunity to participate in a summer internship program. Interns will gain valuable insight into the key functional areas of business.The program attracts students from around the world. Past interns included students from Turkey, Spain, Canada, Brazil and Mexico.

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to internship@e-magellan.com