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Lunch & Learn with Dr. Corine Vriesendorp, Field Museum

Kyle Flubacker Photography

Dr. Corine Vriesendorp, Director of the Andes-Amazon Program at the Field Museum, visited the offices of Magellan on August 8, 2018 for a lunch & learn program. Dr. Vriesendorp is a field biologist who works closely with South American partners to bring science to bear on conservation and the quality of life of local people. She has been an integral part of the rapid inventory team since 2003, a program that has led to the discovery of more than 150 species new to science, and helped governments protect more than 9.4 million hectares of forest in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador.

Magellan employees and the Chicago Sky Basketball team were enthralled listening to stories and viewing pictures of Dr. Vriesendorp’s expeditions!