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The highways that crisscross our country, the bridges that span our waterways, the buildings that punctuate our skylines – all thanks to steel.

Magellan Corporation sources, sells and distributes specialty steels and other metallurgical products from the United States and around the world. For nearly four decades, we have been an industry leader, delivering unparalleled supply chain knowledge, technical expertise, and tailored business solutions to our customers.

We’ve forged strong relationships with our clients, built long-lasting bonds with suppliers, and fortified the community around us.

We’re more than a steel company. And we know the power of steel.

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Our Products

We work closely with our mills to ensure that we can provide customized solutions for the demanding needs of our customers.

By storing world-class materials at substantial inventory levels, we can provide our customers exactly what they need, when they need it.

Magellan will always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget the day [Magellan] walked into my office and taught me how to get back in the game of selling/marketing HR Carbon & Alloy Bar. We tore up the old specs and rewrote them in such a way that we could be globally competitive.

- Client since 2001

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The Magellan Difference

Superior technical proficiency and practical innovation are keys to Magellan’s decades’ long success and reputation in the industry.

We bring a commitment to excellence to every facet of our business. Product availability, consistently competitive costing, value-added services, technical support, best in class customer service and an uncompromising attention to quality are just some of the strengths we bring to our partnerships.

I used you as a case study in a teaching note to my sales team highlighting how Magellan has proactively solved a problem by assisting us in keeping the right product on the floor at the right time for our customers

- Client since 2011

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Making an impact

Magellan is committed to strengthening the community around us. We partner with and support more than 50 non-profit, civic and educational organizations focused on creating a better, smarter, safer tomorrow for the people of Chicagoland.

Cold steel, warm hearts.

Magellan Corporation supports the Field Museum’s 150 scientists and experts who lead research and conservation efforts around the world. Their support makes it possible for the Field Museum to spark curiosity in the next generation of Chicago’s leaders.

- The Field Museum

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